Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Lets remove competition from the job market

Just read an astonishing post by Iain Dale highlighting the LibDem MP Sandra Gidley’s call for school sports days to be done away with. I remember being one of the children she refers to who are last in line to get picked for a sports team etc. But it didn’t destroy my self esteem, rather it taught me that if I wanted to get picked for a team I had to train harder, get fitter, become better. This lesson carried over to other areas of my life, in particular my academic activities. I am thankful for the lessons competitive sport in school taught me.

I’m not saying that competitive sport has the same effect on all children; indeed for some it is a terrible experiece. However in life there are winners and losers. Competition is a part of our everyday lives; we compete to get jobs, we compete when we are in our jobs. The sooner children are introduced to competition the more ready they will be to deal with it in their adult lives.
Although perhaps Sandra Gidley would rather competition was removed from the job market as well; after all we wouldn’t want to damage the self-esteem of those who are unsuccessful. Besides, do we really need the best people doing the job – isn’t that just elitist?!?


eu_serf said...

I seriously believe that a lack of competition seriously damaged my academic career. Had there been more streaming and more overt competition, I am sure I would have achieved better grades.

I was always enthusiastic, if untalented in sport and I hate losing. It always made me try harder even though I knew others were better than me.

Tory in the Wilderness said...

Absolutely, healthy competition is one of the bedrocks of a successful society.