Saturday, July 22, 2006

Anti-Israel Liberals

Liberals never cease to amaze with their anti-Israel rhetoric. Numerous marches are taking place across the UK today protesting against Israel’s use of force against Hizbullah. There is of course no mention of the Hizbullah attacks against innocent Israelis, or indeed about Hizbullah’s use of Lebanese civilians as human shields.

Israel’s use of armed force is branded by our liberal media as disproportionate; but how can one judge proportionality when the threat comes from a force of unknown size, with no regard for innocent civilians and who, as mentioned above, use civilians to shield themselves?

Perhaps though taking a stand against Islamic extremism is politically incorrect; we wouldn’t after all want to offend Hizbullah’s civil liberties.


Praguetory said...

In certain areas Libs have fallen back as memories of their anti-war stance fade. Clearly, they have decided to take this stance again as matter or policy rather than priniciple. We shouldn't expect better of them.

Tory in the Wilderness said...

Absolutely. It is however a shame, but no more unexpected, that the liberal media is singing the same tune as Ming.

Anonymous said...

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