Monday, July 24, 2006

Ming the Meaningless

Ever ready to jump on the bandwagon Ming the Meaningless has called on Tony Blair to “suspend any further arms exports to Israel”. Just as one of our greatest friends is under attack from Islamic extremism Ming the Meaningless seeks to take his sword away from him. His reason for this is the so-called disproportionate force being used by Israel against Hizbullah (although the liberal media would have us believe the action is against Lebanon). As I have said before I question the ability of anyone to judge the proportionality of Israel’s action against Hizbullah given the nature of Hizbullah’s tactics and the manner in which they hide themselves. The utilisation of civilians as human shields should not provide blanket protection to Islamic extremists and allow them to attack innocent civilians with impunity.

Israel is acting, legitimately, in defence of its citizens. We should be standing shoulder to shoulder with them, not seeking to undermine them.


Mehak Sethi said...

Ming the Meaningless doesnt seem so meaningless afterall.. someone has the sense to stop the killing of innocent civilians..

Tory in the Wilderness said...

But Ming knows that stopping British arms sales will not stop the Israeli action. The resulting gap in the market would be filled by another country. Moreover if we were to cease arms sales we would lose our influence over Israel.

But most importantly of all Israel should have our complete support in their struggle against Islamic terrorism.

Anonymous said...

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