Thursday, November 23, 2006

Business community uncertain about the Conservative Party

In an interview with the Independent, Richard Lambert, the head of CBI’s employers’ group has indicated that “company bosses are “uncertain” about the Conservative Party’s attitude toward business.” We should, but probably won’t be, deeply concerned by this. The very idea that the business community would be concerned, in any way, by the possibility of a Conservative government, should give us pause for thought.

Lord Saatchi has rightly warned of the fallacy of our gravitation toward the centre ground. The further we move toward this seemingly fertile electoral soil, the more we are forced to abandon that which makes us who we are. This warning from CBI places in plain sight how close we are to the abyss; an abyss we seem certain to fall into.

If we do fall in, if we win the control of Parliament on the basis of a centrist manifesto, what can we achieve as a conservative government? The answer I fear is all too obvious.

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