Sunday, November 19, 2006

Christians = bad

I absolutely couldn’t believe it when I read on Cranmer that certain British universities are attempting to ban their Christian Union societies. These groups it would seem hold views which are so abhorrent, so bigoted, as to necessitate the freezing of their bank accounts, and the negation of their rights to express their opinions on campus. Of course it will come as no surprise that certain other religious groups are unaffected by this persecution. These groups are after all untouchable, protected as they are by the politically correct who are only interested in taking action against people and groups who are in no way ideologically opposed to our way of life. David Lister has perhaps captured the absurdity of this persecution best of all:

“At a time when Islamic militants are accused of recruiting activists at universities across Britain, at least four Christian unions are threatening legal action against their university student unions after being banned or denied access to facilities.”

Whatever happened to free speech?

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