Sunday, November 26, 2006

Tories to enforce a 35 hour week?

Cameron’s Quality of Life policy group is apparently considering whether a Conservative government should impose a 35 hour week. Of course it is important to bear in mind that their investigations are very much in the preliminary stages. This being so it is very easy to pay only cursory attention to the possibility of such a regulation eventually becoming Conservative Party policy. However as conservatives we should be deeply concerned that such a proposal is in any way being considered.

Aside from anything else people should be free to work the hours they wish to work. Personally speaking I have no problem with the 40 hour week, equally I don’t have a problem with working a 60 hour week. The central point though is that that choice is mine to make.

Moreover the question of whether a 35 hour week would increase the UK’s productivity is one that should be left to the market to answer.


Cllr Green (rep-Kent) said...

Dear GOD, are we slowly to become France?????

Buster George said...

As you say, as long as the choice is down to the individual to work longer hours then I have no problem, My only concern would be the impact on the smaller business that could not introduce shift work to civer other work that is done in other countries and time zones.

Anonymous said...

The French work fewer hours and yet have higher productivity than us. We should figure out why.