Wednesday, November 08, 2006

In politics you're always one 'macaca' away from disaster

Sadly I did not get the opportunity to live-blog as I was busy watching the results flow in, whilst also feeding information to Leslie Sanchez who was taking part in a live 5-hour debate. Suffice to say though a nerve-wracking night was had by all.

We knew from the start the Republicans were going to lose the House, but felt there was a reasonable chance of them retaining the Senate. Of course as we now await the final numbers from Virginia (which we knew Allen was going to lose from about 10pm last night) it has become abundantly clear the Democrats will seize control of the Senate as well. As one of the Crystal Ball pollsters put it, Allen’s was the worst managed campaign of 2006. In politics it is important to remember you are always one ‘macaca’ away from disaster.

The next two years are going to be very interesting in US politics.

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Chris said...

And was nice to have you on our output too. Thanks for joining the programme at short notice