Friday, November 10, 2006

Shameless Self-Promotion

For those who are interested you can listen to an interview I did on Radio 5 on election night by clicking here. I should add that when I was talking about the 1982 midterms I meant to say that control of the Senate changed hands, not the House.


towcestarian said...

Heard you on Bloke Radio talking good sense (for someone of such tender years). Well done.

As a 1/2-yank, I keep an eye on political happenings in the former colonies (I anticipate having to emigrate at short notice when the forthcoming English Civil War II kicks off). What strikes me is that there is a real need for a 3rd-way party in the US. The current Republicans are worryingly extreme (and something of a liability on the Global Stage) and the Democrats look like the very worst bits of NuLab, Hug-a-hoodie Cameron and the LDs all rolled into one.

The Economist ran a front page in the Paris edition saying that the French needed a Margaret Thatcher - I suspect the USA needs one too at the moment.

Tory in the Wilderness said...

Thank you very much; I’m glad you enjoyed the interview.

I think the Economist may have got it right about France. As for a Margaret Thatcher in the US I believe the coming two years could possibly lend support to that argument (however it is important to bear in mind that the midterm results were a defeat for Republicans, but not for conservatism). However, more importantly I think the UK could do with a Margaret Thatcher at the moment. The overwhelming desire to move to the centre has to be stopped if British conservatism is to retain any meaning.