Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Who's really out of touch?

Hazel Blears, in a blatant attempt to raise her profile, has attacked David Cameron and the Conservative Party for being, surprise surprise, out of touch with the ordinary man. What’s amazing about of course is that it is the Labour party who are philosophically committed to the perpetuation of the welfare trap; the system which imprisons previously working class areas in a cycle of economic dependence, removes any incentive for enterprise and hard work, and dampens the spirit.


Cllr Green (Rep-Kent) said...

But wait....Bliar and the bouncing she-thing are never wrong!! Because, of course, we're all enjoying "our new happy lives."

I swear, sometimes life begins to resemble Orwell!!

Tory in the Wilderness said...

Aren't we at war with Eurasia?